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Group One Automative intends to refurbish Thurrock Football Stadium to include a new floodlit all-weather 3G pitch to provide a football facility for all while seeking to redevelop land next to the former Thurrock Football Club Stadium on Ship Lane for a car preparation facility.

These proposals will bring a dynamic international business, new investment and new jobs to the local area.

The intention is to provide a focus for male and female football of all ages in this part of Thurrock, so that the young and not-so-young in the community can enjoy playing the beautiful game in the evening as well as during the day, every day of the week.

We are at the early stages of planning and would like to hear your views on how to make sure it’s a win for you, for business and for life in your community.

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Presented here is information about our development options for which we would like your feedback and comments.

A planning application has not been submitted. This process is about engaging with and listening to the local community before a planning application is submitted.

Thurrock Football Club Consultation document
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Thurrock F.C. Consultation

Group 1 Automotive

Group 1 Automotive is an international vehicle dealer group started in America in 1985 that specialises in the sale of vehicles made by a range of marques.

The business runs over 40 sites in the UK, operating under various names and selling new and used cars and vans. Group 1 Automotive UK dealerships also offer finance services and MOTs, and partake in the Motability scheme geared towards disabled motorists looking for a new vehicle.

Group 1 Automotive

About the site

The proposed development site comprises the former Thurrock Football Stadium at Ship Lane, Aveley, RM19 1YN and its adjacent training pitch. The site lies within the Green Belt.

At first the ground was a part of the Thurrock Hotel complex, and initially consisted of two pitches and dressing rooms in the main hotel building. The playing area was turned around 90° to make one full pitch and dressing rooms were built so the club could become a separate entity then in 1998 the club house was added.

The Proposals

The proposal is to refurbish the existing stadium to include replacing the existing football pitch with a 3G playing surface and gift the stadium and associated car park to the local community of Thurrock. On the adjacent land which extends to 9 acres it is proposed that a car Pre-Delivery Inspection Centre (PDI centre), storage and preparation area will be developed including a new building, access and landscaping.

The Former Thurrock Football Club

Group One Automotive intends to “gift” the former Thurrock Football Club to the local community for community football use.

It is proposed that the stadium will be refurbished and a new all-weather 3G pitch installed in order to maximise its use and playing opportunities. A number of surveys of the building have recently been undertaken which confirms that the stadium is in good condition for community football use.

It is envisaged that the former Football Club stadium can be a focus for male and female football teams of all ages to the benefit of the local community.

Thurrock Football Club
The Site

Car Preparation Facility

The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Centre will comprise circa 1,263 car parking spaces and PDI Centre building with access from Ship Lane. Currently there are two options, in respect to the potential access from Ship Lane, which are being considered. These are set out under Highways Access further down this page.

The PDI Centre will receive vehicles direct from importation and will store the vehicles prior to their shipping to individual dealerships. At the PDI Centre, a number of inspections are undertaken to ensure the vehicles are roadworthy and fit for sale. The PDI Centre will not be open to members of the public and vehicles will not be sold from the site. Trips to the Centre will be limited to vehicle deliveries, which are received on a low loader and vehicle-testing whereby vehicles are taken out on the public highway for a short period of time to help assess their roadworthiness.

The proposed PDI Centre will create an estimated 15-30 new jobs.

In addition to the PDI Centre, a security fence will be installed around the site which will be heavily landscaped to ensure that it is not visible from views outside of the site. The intention is to “blend” the site into the landscape. The extensive use of permeable materials is proposed on site to ensure that run-off levels are no greater than the existing greenfield run-off levels.

The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Centre An example of a Car Preparation Facility

Transport - Traffic Movements

Most vehicle activity will be during the early stages of the site opening when it will have full capacity to accept new cars. Cars will be transported to the site on car transporters, each carrying 10 cars. A delivery management plan will be used to set out the frequency and delivery times and we will seek to communicate the details of this plan with local residents.

Once the site is full of cars, daily traffic movements will be around 150 per day, having a minimal impact on the highway. The traffic movements will mainly arise from road-testing and vehicle delivery. This would be done mostly throughout the day avoiding the highway peak hours such as morning rush hour and school pick up times wherever possible.

All HGV traffic will be routed to the site via the M25 and as such will not be required to travel through Aveley. This routing will form part of the delivery management plan.

An example of a transporter

Highway Safety

Official Police records show that there have been no accidents recorded on Ship Lane at its junction with Southway in the past five years. The safety of all road users is a key consideration in establishing a suitable access and this will be fully considered as part of the planning application.

Car transporters will not wait on the public highway, as a lorry park is available within the Esso M25 Service Station on the opposite side of the A282. Car importers will be required to use the lorry park until being called to the site for offloading. This delivery arrangement will form part of the delivery management plan for the site.

Highways Access

We are exploring two options for accessing the site.

One option is to utilise the existing Southway junction in order to limit the number of junctions on Ship Lane. This option would be designed to safely accommodate car transporters and consider the safety of pedestrians.

The other option is to introduce a new separate site access directly off Ship Lane midway between its junction with Southway junction and the Causeway Bridge.

We currently have no preference as to which option is taken forward to planning and welcome the thoughts of the local community in giving their views in relation to these two options which will influence our final proposals for the planning application which is scheduled to be submitted later in 2019.

Highway Access options

How to tell us what you think

Thank you for taking the time to discover more about our proposal.
We will take away and analyse your comments as part of our work to further the proposals.

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